Event Dates:

Sunday 17th April 4:30pm

and Sunday 19th June 4:30pm

Price: £47.00

Come Join us for a Paint Your Pet Party!

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About Paint Your Pet

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Come paint your Fur Baby with us!

Thinking you don't have the talent for this?

Fear Not!

Your pet will be sketched out on the canvas for you from photos that you email to us!


Pet Photo Guidelines:

   -The key to making this class successful is a good, clear, up-close, well-lit photo of your pet. This is SOOOO important! We need to be able to see the FACE, eyes, nose, body and other features clearly! (Though they make look cute curled up in a ball sleeping in bed this does not make for a good painting!)

   -Send a few different shots if you want! We’ll choose the best one, making the wisest decision on how to position your pet's drawing on the canvas. If you don’t have any good photos, then get to it – grab a camera and take some! If you’re photo isn’t good, your painting won’t be either!

   -Please label each photo/file with YOUR name (not your pet’s). If you send multiple shots, please number to signify which is your favorite photo. Then email your labeled photos to: She8Art@aol.com

   -Send your photos AFTER you’ve registered online but no later then:

   Sunday 10th April for the 17th

or Sunday 12th June for the 19th!!!

We need some time to get your pet sketched onto the canvas!

-Like all Vine & Canvas events all art supplies and refreshments are provided!

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have!!! 01412222911 or E: She8Art@aol.com

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