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Featured Artist's & Us

(On a more serious note!)

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“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

that mediocrity can pay to greatness.”


-Oscar Wilde

One of the tried and true techniques of classical Art training is to copy the work of the Old Masters, this is known as making a Master Copy. While this isn't as much a part of current art school training in many places it is still a highly valuable undertaking here at Vine & Canvas!


Society today is much more concerned with originality (and copyright infringement) so this kind of training doesn’t take place as often anymore, but copying the work of a Master or, in fact, any other painter whose work you admire is an invaluable and highly instructive practice and one we fully embrace (with a contemporary twist of course!).

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Here at Vine & Canvas (and you will hear it said so in every class!)

we are Passionate about Supporting Living Artists!


The market for artists such as Warhol, Picasso or Kahlo will always be lively, as everybody wants to add a piece from these great Masters to their collection! However, there are plenty of Living Artists out there who produce works of equal quality and equal relevance as artists from the past. Apart from having an immediate impact on their career, investing in Living Artists can change the future of Art as a whole. If we want to have a constant flow of quality Art in the future, we need to support in the Artists of Today!


How can we all do this?


-Credit each Artist Featured (as best we can to our knowledge)!


-Bring Exposure & Awareness to the general public

    by sharing on social media!

    Give a thumbs up to those Artists you Love!

    Share your favorite pieces of Art with the World!


-Buy Art, Orignals & Prints from a Living Artist!


Having said all that,

we would now like to pay homage to some of the Brilliant Artist's that Illuminate, Educate, Inspire and Movtivate Us here

at Vine & Canvas to Create!

Senkarik's Wellies.jpg
Nikolov's Port Sea.jpg
Noe Two Lions.jpg
Turner's Dance Of The Desert.jpg
Medina's French Dreams.jpg
Paden's Nightfall.jpg
Murray's Sterling Bridge & Wallace Monum
Dinnen's Luss Beach Loch Lomond.jpg
Edulesco's Red Wine.jpg
Watkin's White Wollf Spirit Guide.jpg
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