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Life Drawing Classes
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“Nothing is more beautiful than
freedom of the body.”

-Coco Chanel

Collins Thinker Figurative Painting Exam

A work of art in and of itself,

the human body in its purest form has always deeply inspired and fascinated artists.

Full of subtle curves, deep sensual undertones,

and themes of passion and desire come immerse yourself...


Be led through a series of warm up sketches

& drawing exercises

while sipping wine in our cozy art studio!

You may just draw a Masterpiece!


Life drawing classes are £38.00.

Inclusive in this price we provide you with a live nude model,

an experienced art tutor, paper, a variety of drawing mediums

and refreshments!

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Alcoholic refreshments will be limited to two drinks per guest

with your choice of: One of 3 featured wines!

We also offer complimentary coffee, tea, sparkling or still water!


Free corkage is available to anyone who brings their own!


Life Drawing Class Hours:

Friday & Saturday's 6:30pm - 8pm

and Sunday's 4:30pm - 6pm!

Other time slots can be made available for groups of 6 or more!


Groups of 20 or more receive a discount!


Interested in having a Private Life Drawing Party?

Learn more HERE



or call 01412222911 for more info!

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